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Enca Haxhia
Enca Haxhia

Ruensa Haxhiaj better known as Enca Haxhiawho is an Albanian singer. After the release of “A po t’pëlqen” (you like it) in 2014, their popularity has increased. And within 24 hours this album has collected over 100,000 views on Channel YuoTube. However, her debut was made in 2012 with the title “The Best Of” and “Kjo Verë” (this summer).

Ruensa Haxhiaj was born on 19 October 1995 in the Albanian Orthodox family. She began with Keek, a social media for video status and won her own fan base after covering the songs of many artists.

A native Tirana, Albania, grew up in a family of the Albanian Orthodox faith. In her early life she sent cover on YouTube from famous artists such as Lady Gaga, Jessie J, Rita Ora and others.

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