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Moran Atias
Moran Atias

Israeli actress. She won in the Italian films Gas, Oggi sposi and mother of tears. She is known for her work with Paul Haggis in the 2008 TV series Crash and the 2013 Film Third Person. She is currently playing on the FX TV series Tyrant.

Atias played in the Italian director Dario Argento 2007 fantasy drama Mother of Tears, which premiered at the Rome Film Festival and played the International Film Festival of Toronto before it was bought for the U.S. distribution of The Weinstein Company. From the success of this film, she moved to Los Angeles, where she was cast into the Adam Sandler film. They do not mess with the Zohan and the Will Ferrell film, Land of the Lost.

Atias began her entertainment career at the age of fifteen, playing in the Israeli youth television show Out of Focus. She turned to the Italian film “The Roses of the Desert” in her award-winning performance in her first Italian film, Gas, short by Luciano Melchionna. She was also seen in the Israeli films Days of Love and Kavod as well as on various Italian and Israeli television programs.

Atias lends her support to many worthy causes. The city of Milan has called it an official spokeswoman to help carry the campaigns against graffiti and cruelty to the animals. She speaks five different languages ​​and is now based in Los Angeles.

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