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Penny Mathis
Penny Mathis

Penny Mathis (aka Jenny P) [born: Jennifer Perez on April 3, 1984] I was born in Pomona California and raised all my life through the southern California area. I love nothing more than my Southern California lifestyle weather it in the sun of Newport Beach bask or live it in the night life of Hollywood. For years, when I grew up, I liked my picture, but I have never really cared about the camera at all. In recent years, I still love that I have made my picture still, I have found myself as a woman who loved the camera very much and so the modeling came to me with a bit of ease. Since 2006 I have been celebrating my appearance on several magazine covers, International Ads and Swimsuit Calanders. Modeling Assignment or Just out out on the town, I still very much consider myself a regular Southern California girl.

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