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Sharon Tate
Sharon Tate

Born: Dallas, Texas, USA.

Father: Colonel Paul James Tate, U.S. Army Officer
Mother: Doris Gwendolyn Tate (born Willett)
Sisters: Debra Tate and Patricia “Patti” Tate

Spouse: Roman Polanski, Director (20 January 1968 – August 9 1969, her death) 1 child

Children: son, Paul Richard Polanski (died: 9 August 1969 – prenatal)

An American film and television actor, her films include “Eye of the Devil” (1966), “The Fearless Vampire Killers” (1967), “Do not Make Waves” (1967) and “Valley of the Dolls” “The Wrecking Crew” (1968). However, she is probably best known for her marriage to film director Roman Polanski and for her shocking murder of the Manson family in her own home when 8 months is pregnant.

Death: Benedict Canyon, Los Angeles, California, USA – assassinated by stabbing.

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